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What is the format of the course?

The course is entirely online and self-paced. All content, including modules and assessments, are accessible on our website whenever it suits your schedule. Access is granted for 90 days from the date of purchase.

How long is the course, and what is the time commitment?

The course content spans 2 days but the self-paced format allows you to determine the time commitment - so it can be shorter or longer depending on how you pace yourself. Participants can spread their learning across the content, tailoring it to their individual schedules. The course must be completed within 90 days of signing up.

Are there live sessions or can I complete the course entirely on my own time?

There are no live sessions. The course is designed for self-paced learning, allowing you to engage with the material at a time that best suits you. Successful completion will necessitate passing the quiz questions (there are no limits to reattempts) as well as submitting a short reflective piece on their learning.

What topics are covered in the course?

The course covers a range of topics, including foundational teaching principles, clinical teaching excellence, building inclusive learning spaces and feedback and assessment mastery.

How are assessments conducted?

Assessments include a short reflective essay (max 500 words) and quizzes (unlimited attempts allowed), and are required for completion of the course. The reflective essay allows you to articulate your insights, while the quizzes evaluates your understanding of the course material.

Is there ongoing access to course materials after completion?

Yes, participants have continued access to course materials for up to 90 days of signing up.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes, participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of attendance to add to their portfolio once their essay is marked. These can be used as evidence of training in teaching methods when applying for specialty training, such as medical and surgical training applications. This certificate serves as a testament to your commitment to advancing medical education.

Is there a community component to the course?

While the course itself is self-paced, we encourage participants to engage in our virtual community. Engage in discussions, share insights and build connections with fellow medical professionals from around the world using the discussion board on each lesson.

Is the course only for experienced doctors?

The course is designed to cater to a diverse audience of those working in clinical settings, including both seasoned practitioners and recent graduates. The content is adaptable to various levels of experience.

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